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On Site Services

If you would like to have us appear in person at your site to provide any service such as training, data migration, or something else, our fee is $400.00 per day (6 hours) plus travel expenses.

If your school would like to purchase this service, please contact us via telephone to ensure that we can fulfill your date and time requirements. The service fee of $400.00 is due and non-refundable. Upon receipt of payment we will secure travel arrangements including air and ground transportation and lodging when required. Fifty percent (50%) of that amount is due within seven (7) days and is also non-refundable. Following the on-site engagement you will be billed the remainder of the initial travel expenses along with any additional incidental expenses which shall be within ten (10) days of receipt of invoice.

Note that the cost for this service will often meet or exceed the annual service cost. It is not customary for us to come on site to provide service as we can resolve most any issue via the telephone or on-line.